Works with: Individuals, Couples
Sessions: Face-to-face, Online
Languages: English, Turkish
Individuals: £150/hr
Locations: TAC Marylebone

Pinar McGivern

  • Relationship Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger

Pinar McGivern is a fully qualified and UKCP accredited psychotherapist, with an MA in Core Process Psychotherapy, and more than a decade’s experience practising psychotherapy. Her integrative therapeutic approach is informed by mindfulness, exploring how clients’ experiences of the ‘now’ may be conditioned by their early life. Pinar offers an embodied psychotherapeutic approach in which her clients deeply listen to their body, accessing their inner wisdom to address challenges in their lives.

Before training in psychotherapy, Pinar did an undergraduate degree and then worked in TV and film. Feeling dissatisfied with her life working in media, she began exploring meditation, which she then studied in Nepal over several years. Pinar then completed a four-year training in mindfulness-based psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute.

Pinar’s specialist areas include relationship issues, depression, anxiety, panic attack and trauma. She works with individuals and couples online and face-to-face.